The NSS Space Solar Power Library is the largest source of information about space solar power on the web, and NSS has an onging project of adding documents to this Library and in particular to the large body of information derived from the early DOE/NASA Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program carried out between 1977-1981, which remains the largest study of space solar power to date. NSS has a single volunteer who is gradually obtaining these documents and scanning them for the NSS website, making them available to researchers, students, policy makers, and the general public. Added since January 1 of this year are the following:

  • Compilation and Assessment of Microwave Bioeffects: A Selective Review of the Literature of Microwaves in Relation to the Satellite Power System. Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific Northwest Laboratory. PNL-2634 UC-41. May 1978, 87 pages. [PDF 0.6 MB]
  • Environmental Assessment for the Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program – Microwave Health and Ecological Effects. DOE/ER-0035-2, November 1980. 144 pages. [PDF 5.8 MB]
  • Prototype Environmental Assessment of the Impacts of Siting and Constructing a Satellite Power System (SPS) Ground Receiving Station (GRS). DOE/ER-0072, August 1980. 270 pages. [PDF 2.5 MB]
  • Workshop on the Radiation Environment of the Satellite Power System. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, September 1978, 263 pages. [PDF 5.2 MB]
  • An Initial Comparative Assessment of Orbital and Terrestrial Central Power Systems. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, March 1977, 159 pages. [PDF 6.2 MB]
  • Environmental Assessment of the Satellite Power System – Concept Development and Evaluation Program – Effects of Ionospheric Heating on Telecommunications. DOE/ER/10003-T2, August, 1980. 95 pages. [PDF 3.3 MB]
  • Impact Of SPS Heating on VLF, LF, and MF Telocommunications Systems Ascertained by Experimental Means. DOE/ER/10003-T1, July, 1980. 101 pages. [PDF 4.3 MB]
  • Ionizing Radiation Risks to Satellite Power Systems (SPS) Workers in Space. DOE/ER-0094, December 1980. 56 pages. [PDF 0.5 MB]
  • Comparative Health and Safety Assessment of the Satellite Power System and Other Electrical Generation Alternatives. DOE/ER-0091, December 1980. 141 pages. [PDF 1.5 MB]
  • Electronic and Mechanical Improvement of the Receiving Terminal of a Free-Space Microwave Power Transmission System. NASA Contractor Report 135194, William C. Brown, Raytheon Company, August 1977, 158 pages. [PDF 8.1 MB]
  • Microwave Power Transmission System Studies, Volume IV, Sections 9-14 with Appendices. NASA Contractor Report 134886, Raytheon Company, December 1975, 236 pages. [PDF 6.0 MB]
  • Microwave Beamed Power Technology Improvement, Final Report. NASA Contractor Report 163043, William C. Brown, Raytheon Company, May 1980, 148 pages. [PDF 8.2 MB]
  • Laser Power Conversion System Analysis, Final Report, Volume II. NASA Contractor Report 159523, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, September 1978, 136 pages. [PDF 4.0 MB]
  • Environmental Assessment for the Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program – Electromagnetic Systems Compatibility. DOE/ER-0096, January, 1981. 92 pages. [PDF 2.8 MB]
  • Comparative Analysis of Net Energy Balance of Satellite Power Systems (SPS) and Other Energy Systems. DOE/ER-0056, April 1980. 131 pages. [PDF 3.9 MB]
  • Workshop on Satellite Power Systems (SPS) Effects on Optical and Radio Astronomy. CONF-7905143, April 1980. 246 pages. [PDF 8.9 MB]

More to come ….

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