You are Invited to a National Space Society Special Session Town Hall
Saturday, July 10, 202, 8:00 AM EDT to 9:15 AM EDT
2021 spUN Debate Program Awards
(Space Policy and UNiversalization)

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Edmonds - Dellutri

And the 60 spUN debators and volunteers, with special guests Lynne F. Zielinski (NSS VP of Education and Outreach), Michele Hanlon (NSS President), Apoorva B.R. and Souvik Mukherjee (Senior spUN Debate Advisors).

Please join us to learn more about the spUN debates, meet these talented students and celebrate as awards and prizes are presented!

This event is a celebration of the efforts of debaters, coaches, judges, moderators, hosts, and others who participated in the 2021 spUN Debates, held June 11-13 and June 19 and 20 with 10 diverse teams of 4 students, coming from 8 different countries. A virtual platform was used for the 19-room double elimination tournament debating the resolution:

Space Traffic Management should be regulated by the UN Security Council

The NSS spUN Debates are quite unique as they challenge students to debate timely space topics with an involvement of the universalization concept. The basic premise of universalization is a shift away from a focus on the globalization of Earth to the governance of ‘the world within the universe’ and for outer space to be the next frontier for all. The imperative is that for the diversity of humanity to be sustainable within a universal construct, an inclusive and cooperative approach is required for the governance of the universe and the worlds within it, including habitation, exploration, discovery, resource deployment and mitigation.

The spUN Debates underscore the universalization concept in action and that is building global friendships on the most exciting topics of this era in which we all have a stake—space, sustainability, security—and to do so in an environment in which we all learn critical skills and ways to cooperate in a diverse and inclusive framework.

Please join us for this special Awards Event to commemorate the outstanding efforts of the participants in the 2021 spUN Debate Program.

Teams: Alcantara, Andoya, Guiana, Jiuquan, Mojave, Naro, Omelek, Satish Dhawan, Shaba, and Wallop will be there!  Join in for the celebration and fun!

Note – The debates can be viewed on the NSS SpacEdge Academy YouTube channel.


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