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The National Space Society invites you to the next NSS Town Hall

Thursday, July 20, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

NSS Senior Leadership Open House


NSS Senior Leadership

You are invited to a special Town Hall Open House featuring the senior leadership of the National Space Society. Join us for a conversation with Anita Gale, NSS Chief Executive Officer, Isaac Arthur, NSS President, and Dale Skran, NSS Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. This is a rare opportunity to engage in conversations with these senior leaders to hear about key issues facing space advocacy organizations and the challenges of advancing our space settlement mission. You will hear about NSS recent achievements as well as the obstacles and opportunities in the space arena

This promises to be an exciting, fun, and informative discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from these accomplished and dynamic individuals who have devoted their time, energy, and expertise to make us a spacefaring civilization. And there will be ample opportunities for you to ask your own questions.

In addition to the “Conversation with the Senior NSS Leadership,” this town hall will also feature a special presentation of the NSS Excellence Awards, presented to two NSS volunteers who provided exceptional service to the Society during the past year.

And finally, since this meeting will fall on the 54th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, we will pay special tribute to this incredible accomplishment. Please share your Apollo memories when you register.

Use this link to share your Apollo memories.

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Anita Gale was a Senior Project Engineer in Space Shuttle Payload & Cargo Integration for The Boeing Company in Houston. Her professional career started on the Space Shuttle program in 1974 for Rockwell International in Downey, California. She provided conceptual designs for cargo integration on future launch vehicles, contributed to R&D for Shuttle upgrades and future missions of both reusable and expendable launch vehicles, and developed and fostered process improvements. She holds three US patents on launch vehicle payload interface standardization and containerization, which are essential technologies for reducing future vehicle processing costs and schedules.

In 1984, Anita co-founded Space Settlement Design Competitions, industry simulation games that engage high school students in designing future space settlements. The competitions have evolved into an International activity involving more than 1000 students each year on six continents. Anita’s work with Space Settlement Design Competitions was recognized by NSS in 2008 with presentation of a Space Pioneer Award, in the Category of Educator.

Anita has been a member of NSS and both precursor organizations, since the L5 Los Angeles Chapter (OASIS) was founded in the late 1970s. Anita currently is a member of the NSS Board of Directors and serves as the NSS Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Anita is an active member of two professional engineering organizations, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

* * * * * * * * * * *

Isaac Arthur is the creator of the wildly successful Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur, an award-winning weekly science education and entertainment show with roughly 750,000 subscribers and over 500 episodes on YouTube. The show covers a wide range of futuristic concepts including space technology, development, and exploration, and focuses on how humanity or other hypothetical advanced civilizations may behave logistically, technologically, and socially, both in the near and distant future, under the understood laws of science.

Past episodes have examined communities in space, planetary terraforming, interstellar exploration, space megastructure engineering, cybernetics, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, the Fermi Paradox, the possible existence of alien civilizations, post-scarcity economies, and much more. Isaac is also a regular guest on a variety of news and entertainment shows ranging from online productions to national radio shows, and he consults on science fiction books and video games. Isaac attended Kent State University majoring in physics and graduating top of his class at age 20 and served in the United States Army during the Iraq war. When not working on his show, Isaac serves as the chair of the Ashtabula, Ohio Board of Elections under the Ohio Secretary of State. Isaac was elected NSS President in April 2023.

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Dale Skran worked 17 years with Bell Labs (AT&T, Lucent Technologies) and continued his career at several companies including Ascend Communications (VP of Enterprise Engineering), Sonus Networks (Director of Engineering), and CMWare (Founder, CEO, COO, and VP of Engineering). He was also a negotiator/ manager (Rapporteur) at the UN (International Telecommunication Union) where he led the development of international Internet standards for video conferencing and voice services (VoIP).

Dale has written a large number of NSS blog posts and has had many published articles in Ad Astra magazine as well as other space related mediums such as The Space Review and Space News. Dale currently holds the following NSS leadership positions: Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Co-Chair of the Bylaws Committee, Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, and At-large Board Member. Additionally, he is a member of the Diversity Committee, the Club for the Future Team, and the Space Settlement Advocacy Committee. In the past he has served as NSS Executive Vice President, Chair of the Policy Committee, and CEO.

Register today to reserve your seat and ask your questions. Use the link below.

Register no later than July 20 at 8 pm EDT

And share your Apollo Memories Here!

Past NSS Space Forums and Town Halls may be viewed here.


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