Act by May 17 for 25% Rebate on ISDC®2018 Registration (even if not an NSS Member)

By Claire McMurray, Chapters Reporter

Want to Help your Chapter? See Offer No. 1 Below

Offer #1: For Chapter Members who aren’t current or recent NSS members but want to join NSS:

Save money on your ISDC® registration AND earn income for your chapter by joining NSS NOW, before you register for ISDC. Do this at https://inside.nss.org/general/register_start.asp (NOT on the ISDC registration). That way your chapter gets half of whatever rate you paid to join NSS. Offer is good any time; it does not require ISDC registration.

Offer #2: For ALL Chapter member* ISDC registrations before May 17:
*Not a chapter member? Find your nearest chapter at space.nss.org/nss-chapters-directory/

1. Go to isdc2018.nss.org and look over the registration options. Prices are at the bottom. Read the instructions carefully, then click on your registration form, usually “Main Registration.” Note that volunteers should contact the Volunteer Leader before registering. Ask about volunteer perks.

2. Sections I, II, and III: follow the prompts to enter your personal information. Memberships bought in Section II will NOT earn income for your chapter.

3. Section IV, ISDC Badge Information:
–Put the name of your chapter in the ‘Company/Affiliation’ box.
–Put ”Chapter Member” or “Chapter Officer” in the ‘NSS Position’ box.
–Select your attendance level, activity, or category in the ‘ISDC Association’ box.

4. Section V: ISDC and NSS Donations and Merchandise. If desired, buy from Café Press or donate to ‘Enterprise in Space’ or the NSS Awards here. However, memberships bought here will NOT earn income for your chapter.

5. Rebates will be mailed to you after ISDC© 2018 is adjourned and staff have caught their breath.

The Chapters Committee has arranged this special ISDC 2018 offer with the Conferences Committee because chapter members are very important to NSS. Chapter Awards and recognition are scheduled for the Thursday night dinner.

See isdc2018.nss.org/schedule/ and isdc2018.nss.org/daily-schedule/ for more program information.

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