The National Space Society’s Annual International Space Development Conference Will be Held from May 27-29 in Arlington, VA

On May 27-29, 2022, NSS will hold its International Space Development Conference® (ISDC®) in Arlington, Virginia. This return to the Washington, D.C. area marks the first ISDC in three years. The ISDC is the only conference that presents talks and exhibitions concerning people living and working in thriving communities beyond our planet, and the use of the vast resources of space to improve life here on Earth. It is a venue where astronauts, NASA officials, NewSpace leaders, space entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, and the next generation of students and professionals gather to engage in vibrant, cutting-edge conversations about the exploration and development of the final frontier. The conference includes talks by government and industry leaders, panels on the latest developments in space technology and related fields, exhibits from private space companies, and an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the people who are creating our future. The ISDC is open to the public.

Scheduled sessions include space development, Moon and Mars exploration and settlement, deep space exploration, innovative technologies, science fiction’s influence on space exploration and technology, commercialization of space, international collaboration in space, planetary defense, space solar power, space debris mitigation, and space law and policy, among others.

Dale Skran, Chief Operating Officer of the National Space Society, said “The NSS International Space Development Conference is an E-ticket ride! We have a great program this year as we return to in-person events and to a bright new horizon in space. 2022 is shaping up as another record year for space launches, and the ISDC is the best way for average citizens to get involved in our future in space.”

Confirmed speakers for 2022 include: Kathy Lueders, Associate Administrator for Space Operations for NASA; Lori Garver, former NASA Deputy Administrator and CEO of the Earthrise Alliance; Peter Beck, President and CEO of Rocket Lab; James Green, former Chief Scientist at NASA; Mary Lynne Dittmar, Executive Vice President, Government Operations & Strategic Communications, Axiom Space; Pascal Lee, Director at the Mars Institute and planetary scientist at SETI; Michelle Hanlon, NSS President, co-founder of For All Moonkind, and Co-Director of Air and Space Law at UMiss.; Rick Mastracchio, Director of Strategy and Business Development for Northrop Grumman’s Human Exploration and Operations unit; Jaakko Karras, Chief Engineer of NASA/JPL’s Mars Helicopter; and many more.

Also special this year are awards for the second Space Settlement in Our Time Competition, sponsored by Martine Rothblatt, Chairman and CEO of United Therapeutics. Three finalists will present their NewSpace business plans as they compete for the top prize of $16,000. For more info see spacebizplan.nss.org.

For more information and registration for the conference, see the ISDC 2022 website.

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