Joe Kerwin makes a perfect sphere of water out of a straw in Skylab, 1973. NASA photo.
I was linked in a blog post by The Planetary Society! The Planetary Society is a non-profit space education outreach organization championed by Bill Nye, who readers may know as the ubiquitous “Science Guy” who stalked your TVs throughout the 1990s with science and math. I’d like to thank them for linking me!
Also, I contributed a blog post about Skylab II to Space Blog Alpha, which has been around since 2005 and promotes spaceflight education. It’s entitled “Skylabbin’ with Pete, Joe, and Paul” and I hope my readers enjoy it. I’d like to thank Space Blog Alpha for letting me contribute to their great site!

IN ADDITION…this is my 100th post on this site! Woo hoo! Party time!

STS-2 parties down before their November 1981 launch. NASA photo.

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