By Loretta Hall

Join the NSS Space Ambassadors team for an informative mini-track session at ISDC this year. For three hours on Saturday afternoon, you can learn what Space Ambassadors do, meet new and long-time members, and hear short example presentations.

Technical presentation topics include “This is Your Brain on Space,” “Lunar Science Base—Settlement Focus!” and “The Moon, Asteroids, and Mars: The Future of Spaceflight.” The presentation “Robotic Space Settlement” by Certified Space Ambassador Jim Plaxco represents a blend of the technical and philosophical. Program-related presentations include “The Selling of Space—Space Ambassadors Making a Difference” by Space Ambassadors Program Director Stevan Akerley.

The Space Ambassadors mini-track session begins at 2:00 on Mezzanine 3. If you are a Certified Space Ambassador, a Candidate Space Ambassador, or an Applicant, come and meet the rest of the team in person. If you are curious about what the Space Ambassadors program is and whether you might want to participate—or if you’re just interested in one of the technical presentations—please join us.

“As Space Ambassadors, we support the National Space Society and promote its mission by giving presentations that educate and inspire the general public. In doing so, we articulate the NSS vision and the efforts through which it seeks to accomplish that vision.” (The Space Ambassadors Mission Statement)

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