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Welcome to the NSS Space Art Gallery. Here you will find a collection of space art created by a number of space artists.

It is important to distinguish between astronomical art, space art, and science fiction art. Whereas the purpose of astronomical art is to visualize the natural wonders of the universe, the purpose of space art is to portray the human exploration and settlement of our solar system.

Space art has taken us places that no other art has. From the surface of our Moon to the outer reaches of the Solar System, space art has shown us what the future can be. Space art has been crucial in providing visual representations of what future rockets, space stations, lunar bases, and space settlements might look like.

To promote space art and to encourage artists to create space art, the National Space Society previously sponsored two art contests. These contests solicited art that illustrated what life would be like on the Moon, on Mars, on an asteroid, or in a space settlement. The winning art in these contests was used to illustrate two calendars promoting space settlement. The following galleries feature the artist submissions to the NSS Space Settlement Calendar art contests.

To continue our show of support for space artists, NSS has created this gallery of space art. Please note that all art in the NSS Space Art Gallery is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist’s specific permission. Contact information is provided for each artist on the artist’s gallery page. All inquiries related to the art shown here should be directed to the artist and not the National Space Society.

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Frank Hettick

Walter Myers

Jim Plaxco

David Robinson

Hong Kong School of Creativity

Are You A Space Artist?

If you are a space artist and would like to be considered for inclusion in the NSS Space Art Gallery, please send an email containing a link to where your art can be viewed to Jim Plaxco, NSS Space Art Gallery Curator at:

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