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The National Space Society invites you to the next Space Forum

Thursday, January 12, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

Commercial LEO Space Stations and the
NASA Commercial LEO Destinations Program

Featuring the NSS Space Ambassadors

Commercial LEO Forum

NASA is supporting the development of commercial destinations in low-Earth orbit (LEO) to facilitate the creation of a cost-effective and robust commercial human spaceflight economy. Development and operation of commercial destinations in LEO is a key to achieving this goal. This special space forum, featuring the NSS Space Ambassadors, will provide a review of the NASA Commercial LEO Destinations Program and an overview of each of the four commercial partners: Axiom, Blue Origin, NanoRacks, and Northrop Grumman.

The detailed program includes the following topics:

  • Review of the NASA Commercial LEO Destinations (CLD) Program by Jim Plaxco
  • Review of the Axiom Space Station by Ken Ruffin
  • Review of the Blue Origin Station by Vanessa Farsadaki
  • Review of the NanoRacks Station by Mark Armstrong
  • Review of the Northrop Grumman Station by Prathmesh Barapatre
  • Question and Answer Session

Don’t miss this comprehensive review of the next phase in opening space for development and settlement.

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Jim Plaxco is a digital artist and computing professional who has been a space activist since the mid-80’s when he became a member of the National Space Institute. He has served as the Director of Information Systems for the National Space Society. He is also the Webmaster, a Director, and President of the Chicago Society for Space Studies. Mr. Plaxco also created the CSSS Speakers Bureau. He additionally serves as a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, a National Space Society Space Ambassador, the National Space Society Space Ambassador’s Economics Subject Matter Expert. Mr. Plaxco has previously served as both a director and a Vice President of the National Space Society and as both a Director and a Vice President of the Planetary Studies Foundation. He has been a judge in a variety of space art contests, including art contests sponsored by NASA. He also served as the manager of the Enterprise in Space Orbiter Design Contest and the National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest.

Ken Ruffin is a Senior Environmental Engineer, with 30 years of air quality engineering experience. In 2010, Ken became an active member of the National Space Society of North Texas (NSS-NT) serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Metroplex and beyond. In 2011, Ken began creating and giving his presentations on space travel and space development. Ken also began serving as either the President or VP of NSS-NT that same year, and ever since. From 2014-2022, NSS-NT has earned the NSS Chapter of the Year Award (the #1 NSS Chapter in the World) five times. Additionally, in 2018, Ken earned a NSS Chapter Leaders Award from the NSS Chapters Committee. Ken has given nearly two hundred space presentations and has participated in over a dozen local TV news interviews about space. Ken strives to inform and inspire the public about the latest information on space travel, space development, and space settlement, from NASA as well as commercial spaceflight companies.

Dr. Vanessa Farsadaki is the preeminent thought-leader towards advancing the discipline of Space Medicine. A proud American citizen of Greek descent and a Medical Doctor, Dr. V as she is known colloquially, is on-track to become Greece’s first-ever Astronaut in history. She is a scuba diver, a pilot in training and a skydiver. As the President and Managing Partner of Space Exploration Strategies LLC, Dr. V’s impressive bona fides include advanced degrees in Biology, Genetics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Business Leadership. She has authored and co-authored a plethora of articles advocating for advancements in her field of expertise, and her deep experiences with Radiation Exposure and Protection have made her a sought-after advisor on high-end programs of note for the gravitas she brings to the discussions. Additionally, her fluency in 18 languages is a testament to her ability to engage with a broad range of audiences as a keynote speaker at numerous venues.

Mark Armstrong is currently a deputy mission lead for Space Systems Command in Albuquerque, supporting prototype satellite programs. He has held several positions supporting DoD space programs since retiring from Army Space Command, ending a 26-year career which included deployment to Iraq. He has written several articles on space topics, and is a NSS Space Ambassador, as well as making presentations for the Space Force STEM to Space educational program. He is a member of the Space Force Association and is married to the artist Eloisa Armstrong.

Prathmesh Barapatre is the current President of National Space Society – Mumbai Chapter. He is also a certified Gravitational Science Communicator by LIGOIndia. He has a bachelor’s in mechatronics engineering and attained his diploma in mechanical engineering. He has completed two electric vehicles from 2018 – 2020, and he’s led as vice-president for the same year 2020. He has been working towards developing a foundation for the space industry by conducting diverse webinars, podcasts and activities that are not just limited to space enthusiasts, but also for general consumers. He has an interest in developing technologies for exploring the surface of other planets and water-based worlds. He is also the Executive Secretary for NSS Chapter Assembly along with being an NSS Space Ambassador. He has also been mentoring more than 500+ students in robotics under the K12 segment.

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Register no later than January 12 at 8 pm EDT

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