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Thursday, January 26, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

Turning Orbital Trash into Space Treasure

With Al Anzaldua

Alfred Anzaldua

Al Anzaldúa
Member, NSS Board of Directors and NSS Policy Committee
Former NSS Executive Vice President

Since the launch of Sputnik in Oct 1957, the nations (and companies) of Earth have continually added to the collection of artificial satellites and other space vehicles in Earth orbit. In orbit now are communications, navigation, weather, Earth observation and science satellites as well as human occupied space stations. These human made space objects have greatly benefited life on Earth and added to our safety, our modern way of life and our understanding of the planet. But with this increasing reliance on space-based systems and the expected growth of satellites comes an increasing danger of orbital debris.

Spent rockets, obsolete satellites, and residual debris from collisions and other space mishaps pose a great danger for existing satellites as well as human occupied spacecraft and space stations. This danger will only grow as many countries of the world are creating or expanding their space activities.

In this timely space forum, Al Anzaldúa, will provide a status on the current state of orbital debris and efforts to mitigate the problem. Al will touch on a promising approach that is better than simply deorbiting this debris, but recycling/reusing the satellite’s material or servicing the satellite to repair, extend, or even enhance its mission. There are clearly many political, legal, financial and technology issues involved. Don’t miss this informative space forum that will cover this critically important aspect to ensure the safety of space exploration, development and settlement. Reserve your seat today by using the links in this message.

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Al Anzaldúa is a retired U.S. State Department diplomat and 37-year veteran of space advocacy. As a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, he carried out consular and science/environment work, primarily in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Washington D.C. He has served in various positions for the National Space Society, including Executive Vice President, Chair of the Policy Committee, Chair of the International Committee. He continues as a member of the Policy Committee, International Committee, and Board Director. Al has authored or co-authored 40 articles and papers on space-development, in The Space Review, The Reflector, Ad Astra, and other publications, including the 5th volume of the Aerospace Technology Working Group Book published by the Secure World Foundation, et al. As a member of the NSS Policy Committee, Al also co-authored NSS policy papers. He also has given presentations and exhibitions on space-related subjects in English and Spanish dating back to 1986.

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