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Thursday, July 13, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EST

The Space Fair and Instabase


Doug Plata

Dr. Doug Plata
President and Founder of the Space Development Network

The Plan for Sustainable Space Development is a plan proposed by the Space Development Network for the initial development of space. It has similarities to the NSS Roadmap, but it is focused on the near term, what is probable, and a specific timetable. Doug’s presentation will focus on two aspects, The Space Fair and Instabase.

The Space Fair are the exhibits which were displayed at ISDC 2023 in Frisco, Texas and filled a conference room, much to the delight and enjoyment of the attendees. The Space Fair is divided into 15 categories and Doug will review the sections as they provide an interesting summary of the plan.

Following that introduction to the plan, Doug will explore their proposed concept for the Initial Permanent Bases on the Moon and Mars. This Instabase would be designed to house the very historic, Initial Permanent Crew of eight. Doug will explain why they believe that inflatables make the best sense not only for the Initial Permanent Base but for the initial phase of the International Bases on the Moon and Mars. They could use very large, 100 ton inflatables delivered via Starship. Doug will systematically go through the various modules of the InstaBase and then describe the scenario for the Initial Permanent Crew.

Don’t miss this informative space forum that will feature the innovative concepts for habitation on the Moon proposed by the Space Development Network. Doug will also share more about the Space Development Network and answer all of your questions. Use the registration links to reserve your seat and ask your questions.

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Doug Plata is a physician in Redlands, CA.  He is the President and Founder of the Space Development Network, a free-to-join organization of space advocates networked to advance space development projects.  Doug has served on multiple committees of different space advocacy organizations.  He has made dozens of appearances and presentations at conferences and on the radio.  He recently oversaw the completion of a full-scale Moon-Mars base mock-up named the InstaBase which is to be displayed during major Starship launches.  His primary interest is the establishment of large, inflatable, and sustainable bases as the initial permanent bases on both the Moon and Mars.

Register today to reserve your seat and ask your questions. Use the link below.

Register no later than July 13 at 8 pm EST

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