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Thursday, March 9, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EST

“Connecting the Space Curious to the Space Serious”

With Christina Korp

Christina Korp

Christina Korp
Astronaut Wrangler
Founder of Space For a Better World
President of Purpose Entertainment

Space makes life better on Earth! A powerful statement that likely elicits debate on both sides. Christina Korp, through her work has made it her mission to prove its validity.  As she describes it, “Connecting the Space Curious to the Space Serious” is about educating through storytelling content, curated experiences, events, and educational partnerships. Using the awe and wonder of space exploration, she is working to inspire and educate people from all ages and walks of life about the ways that space technology can help save our planet.

Understanding the challenges of creating an awareness of the impact of space, Christina formed Space for a Better World in 2020. The goal is to work with a diverse group of organizations who are committed to solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to promote sustainability, and raise awareness about the ways space tech can be and already is being used for good.

An important aspect of this program is to curate experiences with astronauts to give people a chance to experience the awe of our planet up close with those who have a unique perspective of seeing Earth from space. A strong emphasis is also attracting and inspiring young people through STEAM and STEM activations. In this space forum, Christina will provide an engaging summary of the activities and programs she has developed to educate, inspire and demonstrate why “Space makes life better on Earth!” Don’t miss this space forum to gain an added perspective on space exploration, development and settlement.​ Use the link below to register.

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Christina Korp is known as the Astronaut Wrangler. She is an astronaut manager, space advisor, founder of SPACE For a Better World and the president of Purpose Entertainment. Previously she managed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and launched his foundations – ShareSpace and the Aldrin Family Foundation. She produced the last five galas at KSC celebrating Apollo 11 and the Webby winning and Emmy nominated, Cycling Pathways to Mars VR experience.

In May of 2022 Christina produced the AIM HIGHER GALA at the Science Museum in London with 11 astronauts celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 16 and the 1st annual Space Oscars. She works with Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, former astronauts Nicole Stott, Susan Kilrain, Inspiration4 Pilot Dr. Sian Proctor and the 1st Egyptian to go to space, Sara Sabry. Christina is passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in space and tech. She founded SPACE For a Better World to highlight the ways space benefits all life on Earth.

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