Tom Mueller, a founding SpaceX employee, and designer of the Merlin and Raptor engines, is one of the world’s foremost spacecraft propulsion experts. Mueller will be providing the Thursday, May 24th Plenary Address at the ISDC in Los Angeles, CA. If you attend, you have a chance to hear the latest information on SpaceX’s Mars plans.

Mueller holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho, and a Masters degree in the same area from Loyola Marymount University. He worked at TRW for 15 years, serving as the lead engineer for the TR-106 engine, which provided 650,000 lbf of thrust using liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The TR-106 was notable for the usage of pintle injectors which allowed for a wide range of throttling. Mueller rose to become the TRW Vice President of Propulsion during his time there.

Mueller began developing rocket engines in his garage, including the largest amateur liquid rocket engine ever built producing 13,000 lbf of thrust. In 2002 Mueller joined SpaceX as a founding employee.

At SpaceX Mueller became the CTO of Propulsion development, and led the work on the Merlin 1A, Kestrel, Merlin 1C, Merlin 1D, Superdraco, and Raptor engines. The reliable, highly throttle-able Merlin engine has been the foundation of the successful SpaceX effort to create a fully reusable first stage. Currently Mueller is leading the development of the liquid oxygen/liquid methane Raptor engine that will power the SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) to Mars.

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Image: Tom Mueller of SpaceX. Credit: University of Idaho

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