The first Atlantica Expedition will begin on August 2nd, 2010. Three Aquanauts – Dennis Chamberland, Claudia Chamberland and Terrence Tysall, will submerge in the Leviathan Habitat and set a new world’s record for uninterrupted stay beneath the surface shattering the previous record of 69 days set by Aquanaut Rick Presley. Rotating in five day visits, 24 other aquanauts will rotate through the Leviathan including scientists, teachers, journalists and even Aquanaut Rick Presley! Then in 2013, the Challenger Station habitat – the largest manned undersea habitat ever built, will be launched off the Florida coast and establish the first permanent undersea human colony.Our efforts do not represent an underwater hotel, not an outpost or a way-station, not a laboratory. We are a human community. We are the first humans who will move there and stay with no intention of ever calling dry land our home again. We represent the first generation of a people who will live out their lives beneath the sea.

Undersea Colony Interview Part 1 of 6 ( to continue watching the interview click on the video box which will take you to you tube, the rest of the interview videos are on the right)

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