Deke Slayton talks to Alan Shepard during Al’s 1961 suborbital flight like a boss. Life magazine photo.
First, the good news: I have an awesome new job, and things in This Space Availableland (located in This Space Available, Florida, of course) are going pretty well at the moment. 
However, I won’t have as much time – except during the weekends – to update this space, so I will go longer without newer updates. However, don’t despair – I will still keep you, dear reader, up-to-date with the latest badassery in spaceflight as best as I can.
This week, a lot of my space tweep friends are going to see the GRAIL launch on Florida’s eastern coast, so I will have some cool pictures and video of that event. I am hoping to make it to MSL (the Mars Curiosity mission) event in November…we’ll see how that goes. At any rate, I wish you all a great week.

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