Help Wanted

The volunteer-supported National Space Society works through many committee teams. Following is a list of the NSS committees and teams. Click the blue icon to the right of a committee’s name to see a brief description of that committee’s responsibilities.

If you are interested in helping NSS, please fill out the contact form below the list of committees.

Thank you for your support of the National Space Society.

The Awards Committee is responsible for the recognition programs of the Society. Click here to volunteer for the Awards Committee.

The Conferences Committee is responsible for coordinating the planning and execution of the Society’s annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) and any other NSS conferences.

At this time, the Conferences Committee is not in need of additional volunteers.

The Development Committee is responsible for the raising of funds for the Society, including institutional giving, individual giving, bequests, major events, private foundation grants and high value donor programs. Click here to volunteer for the Development Committee.

The Education Team is responsible for planning and execution of education for the general public, maintaining (a) the Space Ambassadors Speakers Bureau, (b) the SpacEdge Academy, (c) the NSS repository for space-science lessons, and (d) activities and resources for enhancing the value that the Society delivers to the general public. Click here to volunteer for the Education Team.

The NSS Information Services Team is responsible for Society information systems, including but not limited to websites, blogs, databases, backup systems, security systems, licenses, membership systems, donor management systems, email systems, and group distribution lists. There is work for volunteers with a range of skill sets and abilities, but a computer software background is a big plus. Specific needs include WordPress, CSS, PhP, and Java/Javascript. Experience in website design and support is helpful, but a willingness to work hard and learn is the real requirement. Click here to volunteer for the Information Services Team.

The Membership Support Team is responsible for the growth and servicing of the membership, and for enhancing the value that the Society delivers to the membership. Click here to volunteer for the Membership Committee.

The Policy Committee is responsible for determining the general positions of the Society on legislative issues and the strategy and program through which the Society shall promote these positions, as well as overseeing the implementation of those policies via the Political Action Network (PAN). Click here to volunteer for the Policy Committee.

The Political Action Network comprises the implementation arm of the Policy Committee. It is responsible for carrying out the positions of the Society via legislative and grassroots action, such as the annual Legislative Blitz). The PAN reports to the Chair of the Policy Committee. For more information, please see the Legislative and Political Action Network web pages. Click here to volunteer for the Political Action Network.

The Social Media Team is responsible for NSS’ presence on the various forms of social media networks. Click here to volunteer for the Social Media Team.

The Space Settlement Roadmap Committee is responsible for the creation of the NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement. Click here to volunteer for the Space Settlement Roadmap Committee.