SunSat Design is an international competition intended to accelerate the design, manufacture, launch and operation of the next-generation satellites that will collect energy in space and deliver it to earth as electricity.

Registration Deadline:  January 10, 1011

Design Submission Deadline:  April 4, 2011

Winners will be announced at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Huntsville in May.

This Design Project will generate visualizations to aid in the design, manufacture, launch and operation of the new types of satellites that will collect sun’s rays in space and deliver them to earth as a clean and renewable source of energy. These visualizations will also inform the public debate about the way forward for development and implementation of universal access to space-based solar power.

Winning designs will be high-impact digital art, supported by credible science, engineering and business plans, that best promote media understanding and public acceptance of a path forward in using space satellites to deliver energy on-demand to any and all places on earth.

The SunSat Competition is an initiative of The Online Journal of Space Communication in partnership with The Society of Satellite Professionals International, the National Space Society, and the Ohio University GRID Lab.

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