I have had a great time at the ISDC.  The Space Ambassadors Reception and Fireworks on Thursday Partying until I get kicked out of the Hospitality Suite and then waking at dawn to swim in the glorious pools. swimming 50 laps in the quiet pool, then relaxing in the 21 person hot tube alone then floating around the lazy river. Ahh what a way to start the day.

Then the real International Space Development Conference starts for the day. there has been so much wisdom put forward on the next steps for NASA and from space development.

The best place to change direction is at Apohelion.-Rusty Schweickart

When you get to a fork in the road take it – Buzz Aldrin quoting Yogi Berra

Be ambitious strive to do great things. If the goals in space are paltry why bother. – John Mankins

Concentrate on Why, not How or What- The Space Settlement Summit

Nothing attracts capital and nothing attracts talent like vision – Peter Garretson

There are students from around the world who were involved in the Space Settlement Design contests it is inspiring to see all the talented young people.

More later I need to get back to the Space Solar Power presentations.

Ad Astra,

Karen Cramer Shea

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