NSS is proud to announce that nearly 700 backers from over 20 nations have considerably exceeded our funding milestone of $35,000 in our first-ever Kickstarter campaign — the campaign reached $57,571!

The campaign is to fund the creation of a professional video, “Our Future in Space,” showing an inspiring and informative look at the near-future of space development, and to bring this vision to a new generation in the US and throughout the world. Specifically because we reached our stretch goals, we will tell our story to the Congress, and Governors of every state, along with the President and his Cabinet. We could not have achieved this success without your help!

NSS is especially grateful to the following for their generous support of our Kickstarter campaign:

Rachel Austin
Ernesto Avina
Gary Barnhard
Gary Bickford
Paul Blomdahl
Michael Blum
James Bohnsack
Jonathan Brandenburg
David Brandt-Erichsen
Laura Burns
James Callens
Andrew Canon
Peggy Carpenter
Bert Carson
James Chandler
Kyle Clifton
Debbie Cohen
Lammot Copeland
Stephen Covey
Hannah Craswell
Lloyd Crosby
Paul Damphousse
Gerald W. Driggers, author of
The Earth-Mars Chronicles
Mike Dudley
Ole-Morten Duesund
Scott Early
John Edwards
Dale Etheridge
Don Flournoy
Midnight Flyer
Lucas Fonseca
Chantale Gagnon
Anita Gale
Doug Griffith
Jim Haislip
Raymond Hardcastle
Spencer Hart
Tarek Hijaz
J. J. Hillard
Aftab Hussain
Kirby Ikin
Donald Jackson
Chuck James
Warren Jew
Dan Johnson
Dominic & Jeana Jones
Steven Jorgenson
Rich Kacik
Violeta Kalveliene
Charles Kersey
Scott Kimmle
P. J. King
Martin Koistinen
Ronnie Lajoie
Raymond LeVesque
Alla Malko
Thomas Malone
Jeffrey Mark
Morris Middleton
Richard Moak
Pat Montoure
Peter Mueller
Frederick Ordway
Christine Peterson
David Pierce
Roberto Pineda
Bruce Pittman
Bert Plummer
Glenn Pohs
Josh Powers
Andrew Rakowski
Joe Redfield
Stan Rosen
Hadley Rouse
Lanny Rudner
Ken Ruffin
Katherine Rupley
Bennett Rutledge
Edwin Sahakian
Peter Schubert
John Schulz
Wayne Short
Michael Simpson
David Smith
John Strickland
Joe Strout
Buford Taylor
Edward Thomas
Javan Thompson
Ken Tinkler
Dan Tran
Betty Tribble
Brian Usher
Phillippe Valdois
Tom Veal
Bryan Versteeg
Sigrid von Hurst
Barbara Wheatley
Jay Wittner
Marilyn Wittner
Gordon Woodcock
Alex Wright
Brent Ziarnick
Lynne Zielinski

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