National Space Society Executive Committee Officers

Dale Skran, Chair of the Executive Committee

The NSS Executive Committee, composed of the elected Officers, acts for the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all authorized governance and operational matters of the Society.  NSS Officers, who are elected by the incoming Board of Directors, serve in a voluntary capacity for 2-year terms (see description of Officer responsibilities).  Each member of the Executive Committee is an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Board of Directors, if not already a voting member of the Board.  The Chair of the Executive Committee is the Chief Executive Officer of NSS.

Dale Skran biography portrait
Dale Skran
Chief Executive Officer
(Chair of the
Executive Committee)

Karlton Johnson biography portrait
Karlton Johnson
Board of Governors

Kirby Ikin biography portrait
Kirby Ikin
Board of Directors

Geoffrey Notkin biography portrait
Geoffrey Notkin

Al Anzaldua biography portrait
Alfred Anzaldua
President Pro Tem

Michelle Hanlon biography portrait
Michelle Hanlon
Executive Vice President

Bruce Pittman biography portrait
Bruce Pittman
Senior Vice President
Senior Operating Officer

Larry Ahearn biography portrait
Larry Ahearn
Vice President,

Hoyt Davidson biography portrait
Hoyt Davidson
Vice President,

Burton Dicht
Burton Dicht
Vice President,

Lynne Zielinski biography portrait
Lynne Zielinski
Vice President,
Education and Outreach

Anita Gale biography portrait
Anita Gale

Joe Redfield biography portrait
Joe Redfield

Michael Snyder biography portrait
Michael Snyder
Assistant Secretary
(ex officio)

John Strickland
John Strickland
Assistant Treasurer
(ex officio)

Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins
Chief Executive Officer Emeritus
(ex officio)

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