L5 News 1980s Issues

L5 News, August 1980

L5 News cover, August 1980

Note: In the 1980s, the L5 News became a more general space publication. Since the purpose of this section of the website is to preserve news about the L5 concept and the L5 Society, rather than general space news, only selected articles are presented for the 1980s. They are in HTML format.

From L5 News

January 1980

March 1980

June 1980

September 1980

October 1980

December 1980

January 1981

February 1981

March-April 1981

May 1981

July 1981

December, 1981

March 1982

August 1982

September 1982

February 1983

March 1983

August 1983

September 1983

October 1983

October 1983 (to September 1984 – 6 part article)

January 1984

October 1984

November-December 1984

January-February 1985

June 1985

January 1986 (to June 1986 – 5 part article)

From L5 News, newsprint edition, Vol. 1 No. 1, 1986

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